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Telekom Srbija


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Telekom Srbija | Telekom Srbija's China debut in Nanjing Art Fair International

Project Landscape

Telekom Srbija, the leading telecommunications and multimedia provider in Serbia, partnered with MADJOR to create a captivating brand experience for its debut in China at the 3rd Nanjing Art Fair International (NAFI). Leveraging the Belt and Road Initiative, this collaboration aimed to showcase Serbian film and TV culture to the Chinese audience. The project featured a curated exhibition named "Time·Space·Screen—Serbian Film Culture," which presented a selection of Serbian films, dramas, and animated shorts, bridging the gap between cinematic classics and contemporary Serbian productions. Among the offerings were iconic films such as The Bridge and Walter Defends Sarajevo, along with the Asian premieres of What a Wonderful World and Golden Boy. This exhibition served as a bridge to transport the Chinese audience back to cinematic classics while offering an opportunity to delve into the contemporary landscape of film and television production in Serbia.

How do we craft a brand experience that connects?

Crafting a Connecting Brand Experience: MADJOR took on the responsibility of designing the immersive brand experience for Telekom Srbija's pavilion. Drawing inspiration from the "Zemun-Borca" bridge, a symbol of Chinese-Serbian collaboration, and the iconic Yugoslavian film "The Bridge," the concept of a "bridge" was employed to signify connection and enduring friendship. This theme, rich in symbolism, captured the emotional resonance between Serbian cinema and the Chinese audience.

The exhibition experience was meticulously designed with a three-dimensional audio-visual journey that enveloped visitors. The venue featured a cinema-like screening space and an interactive area with a design language adorned in Serbian motifs. This approach aimed to transport the audience back to the golden era of Serbian film and TV, fostering an appreciation for the country's high-quality productions.

Elevated Digital Influence:

In tandem with orchestrating the immersive exhibition, MADJOR skillfully took charge of Telekom Srbija's official Weibo and WeChat accounts. This strategic move facilitated seamless communication between the Chinese audience and the rich tapestry of Serbian culture. Beyond the realms of mere information-sharing about Telekom Srbija and telecom trends, the adept social media management accentuated the artistic nuances of Serbian cultural heritage and the finesse of its film industry. Guided by MADJOR's expertise, Telekom Srbija garnered an impressive following of over 19,000 individuals on their official Weibo account, marking a strategic triumph. The event's digital reverberations were undeniable, evidenced by a remarkable 10 million Weibo views. Furthermore, Telekom Srbija's inaugural WeChat article achieved substantial engagement, garnering over 1,000 likes and inciting 1000s of new followers. This multifaceted success underscored the potency of their partnership in captivating and genuinely engaging their target audience.


The collaboration between Telekom Srbija and MADJOR successfully brought Serbian film culture to the forefront of the Chinese audience's attention. Through the immersive exhibition experience and strategic social media management, the project achieved several key outcomes:

  • Market Penetration: By debuting at the NAFI, Telekom Srbija secured a significant foothold in the Chinese market, opening doors to further business opportunities for their exceptional film and TV productions.
  • Audience Engagement: The exhibition's immersive design and compelling storytelling effectively captured the attention of visitors, leaving a memorable impact and sparking a keen interest in Serbian film culture. Under the guidance of the MADJOR team's expertise, Telekom Srbija garnered an impressive following of more than 19,000 individuals. The event generated substantial buzz, amassing over 10 million views on Weibo. Additionally, Telekom Srbija achieved substantial engagement, with their inaugural WeChat article receiving over 1,000 likes and attracting 1000s of new followers.
  • Cultural Connection: The project effectively strengthened the cultural ties between China and Serbia, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for Serbian film and TV culture among the Chinese audience.

MADJOR's commitment to becoming a bearer of cultural experiences and Telekom Srbija's dedication to showcasing its film and TV prowess together guided this project's success. The partnership not only resonated with the audience at NAFI but also paved the way for Telekom Srbija to expand its reach in the dynamic Chinese market.

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