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Porsche | Playtime is on - Porsche card battle game development

Project Landscape

Porsche Card Battle Game is a mobile gaming experience designed to engage auto enthusiasts and expand the brand's reach in the competitive automotive market. The challenge for Porsche was to create an immersive gaming experience that authentically reflects the brand's essence, captures evolving consumer expectations, and fosters brand engagement and loyalty. Additionally, localization and user-centric design were crucial considerations to resonate with the Chinese market, while balancing brand authenticity and gameplay mechanics posed a creative challenge.

How do we craft a brand experience that connects?

In response to the challenges and objectives, our team at MADJOR embarked on an end-to-end innovation project to develop the Porsche Card Battle Game. Through iterative prototyping and user-centric design, we created a captivating mobile gaming experience that authentically reflects the essence of the Porsche brand.

We began by previewing two distinct art directions for the game, gathering valuable feedback from users and stakeholders. Leveraging this input, we proceeded to prototype the game concept, starting with paper sketches, wireframes, and key screen designs.

Our dedicated design team then crafted a cohesive Art and UI design system, with visual aesthetics, user experience, and technical feasibility taken into full consideration. The process involved extracting high-level concepts and translating them into an in-depth Game Design Document (GDD) that encompassed core gameplay mechanics and a motorsport immersion-focused UI design. Art direction exploration and moodboards were created to establish the desired visual atmosphere.

To ensure the Game resonated with its target audience, our research team conducted in-depth interviews with Chinese mobile gamers and car owners. This process allowed us to gauge initial reactions, identify current market needs in the Chinese gaming industry, measure the game's added value towards the Porsche brand, and identify opportunities for improvement and design enhancements.​


Through these iterations, we developed a fully playable prototype that captured the essence of the Porsche experience, which is synonymous with performance, iconic design, driving experience, and prestige. The project is a demonstration of the power of leveraging digital innovation, immersive gameplay, and user-centered design principles to create a compelling brand experience that connects with the target audience, amplifies brand loyalty, and enhances the overall perception of the Porsche brand in the gaming landscape

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