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Changan Deepal | Brand experience uplift for Changan’s next generation electric brand

Project Landscape

In April 2022, Changan Automobile launched its new all-electric vehicle brand “Deepal”, with plans to expand its electric vehicle (EV) lineup within this year, targeting the mainstream market.

Over the past five years, the competition between new and established EV brands in the China market has become fiercer than ever. As a new player in the market, Changan Deepal found it necessary to put in place a signature, highly differentiated brand experience to impress younger EV buyers who have an appetite for elevated experience and consumption upgrade, and to stand out in China's EV market.Over the past five years, the competition between new and established EV brands in the China market has become fiercer than ever. Changan Deepal, as a newcomer in this competitive arena, recognized the paramount importance of cultivating a distinctive and unforgettable brand experience. This strategic imperative was driven by the aspiration to captivate the attention of a younger cohort of EV buyers, who inherently value elevated experiences and seek to embrace a progressive dimension of consumption. By crafting a signature brand encounter, Changan Deepal aimed not only to resonate with this discerning demographic but also to carve a unique niche for itself within the vibrant and rapidly evolving realm of China's EV market.

How do we craft a brand experience that connects?

The consumer experience today is no longer a linear journey but a 360-degree multi-layered brand experience with diverse touchpoints and information sources.

Derived from the 5 basic human senses, MADJOR crafted a 5-sense experience strategy featuring 2 sensorial identity systems and 4 signature touchpoints, covering both online and offline channels for Deepal Auto.To provide a strategic anchor as a starting point, MADJOR defined the brand core of Deepal as “Symbiosis Progression,” to represent the relationship between Technology, Nature, and Human inspiring and advancing one another. At the core of the Brand Experience Model, we tailored an innovative concept, named the "Everlasting Empowerment Engine" to evoke distinct feelings and memories, providing a multi-faceted and captivating brand experience for the target audience.

Sound is an important piece that enhances the Deepal brand experience. The sonic brand should reflect the Deepal’s brand core values - Technology, Nature, and Human, and create an immersive, enjoyable yet powerful ambiance.

Integrating the 3 key dimensions, we have created distinct sonic brand identity (brand music) that aligns with Deepal's core values. With sound as a source and sound as the core, it elevated the Deepal brand experience, empowering consumers to drive more confidently on roads to explore the future.

As part of the offline experience, the pop-up store extended the brand experience concept into a spatial level. In response to the current focus of energy conservation and environmental protection, the pop-up store design respects the local environment in a green, convenient and flexible way – all modules can be flexibly transported, constructed and recycled to diverse landing scenarios.

To boost consumer engagement, MADJOR has developed an innovative membership growth system that leverages high-quality brand experiences to drive activity.


By orchestrating a comprehensive brand experience rejuvenation, MADJOR envisions a transformation of Changan Deepal's customer journey, fostering a heightened level of engagement and satisfaction. This holistic approach aims not only to elevate the customer experience but also to establish a commanding presence for Deepal within the fiercely competitive electric vehicle domain. Through a strategic alignment of brand touchpoints and a harmonious fusion of sensory elements, the partnership between MADJOR and Changan Deepal strives to create a lasting and impactful imprint in the minds of discerning consumers in the dynamic EV landscape.

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