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Harley Davidson


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Harley-Davidson | Powering up the digital engine

Project Landscape

Harley-Davidson is the world’s leading motorcycle brand founded in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With over 117 years of existence, Harley-Davidson exemplifies a lifestyle brand that goes beyond manufacturing motorcycles, and its membership club H.O.G has even become a family of the most loyal brand advocators.Harley-Davidson is the world’s leading motorcycle brand founded in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Often associated with its signature engine roar and rugged riders in leather jackets, Harley-Davidson was perceived by many Chinese consumers as an old school American icon. While we hold immense respect for the rich legacy of this historic brand, our primary challenge lies in rejuvenating the brand's image among Chinese consumers, particularly the younger generation. Our aim is to not only attract their attention but also to engage and retain their interest in Harley-Davidson.

How do we craft a brand experience that connects?

To reaffirm Harley-Davidson as the most desirable motorcycle brand in the world, MADJOR, Harley's lead digital communication agency in China, has been commissioned to build a strong brand-led social communication guidelines and deliver social media management services for Harley-Davidson since July 2021.

The partnership aims to power up Harley-Davidson’s online presence through social. In alignment with Harley-Davidson's brand identity and communication objectives, a tailored digital strategy has been implemented to effectively reach a broader audience. This approach not only aims to enhance Harley's brand awareness but also to foster greater community engagement. MADJOR, in this endeavor, highlights lifestyle, promotes riding culture, creates more localized & engaging content infused with brand spirit, and designs attractive look & feel that reflects H-D’s leading brand image.

With over a decade of brand experience and deep expertise in the brand communication field, MADJOR makes sure to deliver a powerful brand experience with ongoing management of brand communication, digital assets, and product & service innovation to help clients make a real impact in the market.

We use our strategic brand tools to ensure all social communications are built from a branding standpoint to effectively increase social engagement and strengthen brand preference and loyalty for Harley-Davidson.


By leveraging China's dominant social platforms WeChat and Weibo, our partnership with Harley-Davidson has powered up the brand's online presence and helped them build a strong connection with existing social followers, while also attracting new brand advocates with a culturally relevant brand image. As a result, Harley-Davidson's social media followers have grown by an average of 182% each month and achieved over 3 million average monthly social media exposures and more than 280K average monthly social interactions. Cultural integration and personalized expression in the Chinese market have been well presented on social media platforms.

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