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Your Guiding Partner For Exceptional Brand Experience

Consistently connect with consumers

From brand experience strategy development to
management, we craft a brand universe for you that is
consistently connected with your customers.

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Amplify your brand impact

From branding concept to creative campaigns, our integrated marketing protects your brand essence and amplify your brand impact among all communication channels that connects with your customers locally and globally.

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Create unforgettable experiences

We design intuitive experience and creative interactions for all your brand touch points. Our job is to craft unique customer journeys, space design, IP collaborations and digital assets for your brand.

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Start an innovative
Brand Concept Development

We build the long-term success of your brand with our innovative solutions for products, services, and business models, creating more value for your customers.

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In Partnership With

We now provide more impactful digital brand experiences by leveraging Contentsquare's data analytics expertise.

This partnership allows us to expand our capabilities and offer tailored solutions that meet the unique needs and challenges of our clients globally.

Amplify your brand experience with unique sonic identity.

Sixième Son’s experienced composers and sound designers work closely with MADJOR to deliver a sound identity originated from the experience strategy. With the custom sonic solutions, we can help create a lasting impression and enhance your brand experience across all touchpoints.

Elevate your brand experience with our interactive web and mini app solutions.

COMMA is experts in developing interactive web and mini app solutions tailored for the China internet ecosystem. With COMMA’s expertise in interactive and development, MADJOR ensures seamless digital experience integrated with brand & digital strategies.

Transform Ideas into reality with our Innovative Go-to-Market Solutions.

Feast specialize in crafting and executing go-to-market strategies that drive business growth. With MADJOR innovative approach and expertise, we together can help transform your ideas into reality and achieve your business objectives in record time.

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