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Porsche | Driving service innovation with the Exclusively Yours program

Project Landscape

Porsche, the esteemed luxury automotive manufacturer renowned for its iconic sports cars and high-performance vehicles, has a storied history dating back to 1931. Synonymous with excellence, craftsmanship, and exhilarating driving experiences, the German automaker understands the importance of continuously captivating and engaging its customers.

In their pursuit of innovation, Porsche enlisted the service innovation expertise of MADJOR to create an unparalleled brand experience. The objective was to develop a dynamic and immersive encounter that not only fascinated customers but also empowered them to envision and build their own possibilities.

How do we craft a brand experience that connects?

We collaborated with the Porsche Innovation Office to prototype a personalization service program which we code-named "Exclusively Yours". Within the Exclusively Yours Program, we leveraged Exclusive Manufaktur, Porsche's renowned customization service, to deliver an immersive experience centered around the "Build Your Own" value proposition we crafted.

To enhance the interactive and customization brand experience at Porsche's car exhibition booths and showrooms, we showcased a wide range of Porsche car components and encouraged customers to engage in deep conversations with Porsche’s technicians, allowing them to explore modification tools firsthand. Through this interactive process, customers could witness their physical Porsche being customized right before their eyes, eliminating the need for imagination and rendering the transformation in real-time.

With the Exclusively Yours program, we offered comprehensive brand education and demonstrated the exceptional opportunity for Porsche's customers to personalize and create their own unique Porsche experience using an individualized configurator.


By aligning the value proposition with the program's immersive experience, we were honored to assist Porsche in strengthening the emotional connection and loyalty of its customer base. The Exclusively Yours program also further enhanced the perception of exclusiveness associated with Porsche, contributing to the brand's ability to provide a truly unique ownership experience for consumers.

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