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Stahl | Understanding China's chemical industry: Defining localization strategy essentials

Project Landscape

Stahl has successfully built its global brand over the past several years and has established itself as a prominent leader in the leather chemical industry. However, Stahl has faced challenges in solidifying its position in the Chinese market.

Stahl leveraged MADJOR's expertise in digital brand experience strategy and brand localization to gain insights into the behaviors of Chinese digital consumers and the best practices in communication within the chemical industry. This enabled Stahl to determine the necessary level of investment required for establishing a valuable online presence in China.

How do we craft a brand experience that connects?

With a strategy-oriented approach, MADJOR completed a benchmarking process by conducting a market assessment for Stahl.

Our team initiated an extensive desktop research to identify key digital consumer behaviors that Stahl needed to consider for localizing its communication strategy in China. Meanwhile, we conducted competitive benchmarking to evaluate the brand communication strategies of Stahl's competitors in the Chinese market. This allowed us to define an opportunity space where the Stahl brand could create differentiating value.

We also performed a UX audit of the competitors' websites, uncovering the necessary prerequisites for future improvements. To visually present the proposed designs, we provided recommended desktop and mobile UI design renderings for Stahl.


Through our collaboration with Stahl, MADJOR supported Stahl in defining an opportunity space, helping the brand strategically position themselves and capitalize on market opportunities with digital brand insights and recommendations to solidify their position as a leader in the leather chemical industry.

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