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Axent | A distinctive new voice for a decades-old sanitary ware brand

Project Landscape

Established in 2008, the AXENT Group is a leading manufacturer of sanitary technology and a global supplier of shower toilets. Leveraging its decades of OEM and ODM heritage, AXENT pioneers cutting-edge branded products, redefining and revolutionizing the modern bathroom experience.

However, the company recognized the need to transition from its previous OEM mindset to building its own brand with a distinctive voice, visual language to strengthen the brand position as a pioneer in the China market.

To achieve this, AXENT approached MADJOR to help revamp its website for the Chinese market to turn the website into a highly effective tool for acquiring customers while successfully communicating the brand's newly defined identity.

How do we craft a brand experience that connects?

Leveraging our expertise in brand experience strategy, MADJOR initiated the website revamp by thoroughly mapping out the various use cases and needs of all the website's user groups, including property developers, architects, designers, and end consumers. This comprehensive understanding allowed us to identify specific conversion scenarios for each audience, enabling us to develop tailored content and features accordingly.

Through close collaboration with the client teams, we embarked on creating a UI/UX design that effectively captured the brand's essence and catered to the needs of potential consumers. During the design process, we optimized the user flow to ensure intuitive navigation and make it easy for consumers to find the information or features they were seeking to enhance the overall user experience and improve engagement, conversions, and customer satisfaction.

To ensure broad accessibility, we developed the website with perfect compatibility across devices and browsers to maximize user reach and engagement. Meanwhile, we implemented a back-end solution for internal teams around the globe, which enabled AXENT's teams to effectively manage the website and optimize its performance across different regions.

In addition to brand platform development, MADJOR also created a comprehensive brand book for AXENT. The brand book for AXENT encompassed a range of core brand elements and brand identity components, such as visual language, photography style, and color system. We carefully defined and documented these components to ensure consistency and cohesiveness in AXENT's brand communication.


Through the collaboration, we helped AXENT enhance its brand experience and solidify its brand presence as a trailblazer in the China sanitary ware market  through website revamp and brand book development. The compelling user experience, coupled with effective communication of the brand's essence, left a lasting impression on consumers.

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