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ETRO | ETRO's digital brand experience makeover for China

Project Landscape

ETRO is a leading independent Italian luxury house renowned for its signature paisley patterns. With over 150 boutiques all over the world, ETRO is one of the largest independent fashion brands. On the eve of its 50th anniversary, ETRO has launched a worldwide project to enhance the brand experience across all markets, with China being chosen as the pioneering market. MADJOR has been commissioned to lead this initiative for the Chinese market.

How do we craft a brand experience that connects?

Working with China and global top management, MADJOR accompanied the client from insights up to execution and management of new brand assets including content and features innovation, e-commerce, CRM and retail digitization.

To build a highly recognized brand experience, we have curated static and animated prototypes for new online touchpoints, including a CRM hub for data gathering and access, rewards management for sales staff, content targeting, a new website, and a connected pop-up shop. By implementing these initiatives, we helped craft a more personalized experience to ETRO's customers. With a long-term success in mind, we have developed a comprehensive 2-year investment roadmap for ETRO to facilitate ETRO’s strategic planning.

For the e-commerce channel, we undertook the design and development of ETRO's WeChat storefront, focusing on showcasing their top SKUs. We seamlessly integrated the backend with the point-of-sale (POS) system and the global e-commerce infrastructure, ensuring a smooth deployment of ETRO's e-commerce platforms. This allowed ETRO to effectively connect with Chinese consumers and further strengthen their brand experience in the digital landscape.

By taking consideration of the offline channel, we expanded our efforts to design interactive photo booths that could be activated by scanning a QR code, providing an engaging and memorable experience for attendees at ETRO's offline VIP events. Meanwhile, we supported ETRO in optimizing ETRO's social content strategy to ensure consistent and compelling messaging across platforms.


MADJOR's approach to this project was marked by a harmonious integration of strategic, technical, and organizational insights. This comprehensive perspective allowed ETRO to expertly navigate and orchestrate the transformation of its brand experience, ensuring a cohesive and impactful outcome. Our methodology encompassed not only immediate solutions but also a forward-looking vision, enabling ETRO to strike a balance between quick wins and long-term advancements.

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