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Brand Communication

Creative solutions at heart, we don't cut and paste brand communication strategies. At MADJOR, our communication experts provide comprehensive brand communication services, from brand platform localization and communication guidelines to creative campaigns and media planning, to effectively connect with your target audience. Staying true to your brand essence, we deliver tailored communication strategies for local and global brands across diverse sectors.
As a Lead Agency, we sweat the details for you in collaboration with all partners involved so you don't have to. Spanning from ideation to execution, we take great care to infuse every interaction with emotional resonance and authenticity, ensuring that your brand message is conveyed cohesively across the current multi-platform media environment, at the right time. Our integrated approach is the marketing glue to help you achieve cut-through with your audience and amplify your brand's reach.

Brand Communication

We take great care to infuse every interaction with emotional resonance and authenticity, whether you're looking to make a splash on the local scene or expand your reach to a global audience. From branding concept to creative campaigns, our integrated marketing approach help uncover the essence of what makes your brand truly special and drive brand exposure, engagement, and loyalty.


Lead Agency

We are your guiding agency to make sure all the communication strategy and planning stay true to your marketing objectives and brand essence, coordinate and manage all communication efforts on behalf of the brand, ensuring consistency and alignment across various channels and activities.

Brand Platform Localization

We respect both global brand equity and localized consumer and market insights, construct localized brand platform including localized messaging, positioning, communication strategies, and brand story with understanding of cultural nuances, language preferences, and market dynamics to effectively connect with local audiences while maintaining brand consistency.

Communication Guidelines

We develop comprehensive communication guidelines that outline the brand's tone of voice, key messages, visual identity, and guidelines for communication across different media channels. These guidelines ensure consistency in brand communication and help maintain a cohesive brand image.

Integrated Marketing Campaign & Activation

Based on clients’ objectives, we create tailor-made campaign ideations, concepts and activation planning that combine multiple channels and touchpoints to reach the target audience effectively.

Creative Assets Development

We design and produce creative assets for advertising and marketing purposes, such as advertisements, KV, videos, print materials, H5, mini programs, social posts and other collateral. From ideation to execution, we ensure that the creative assets align with the brand's messaging and visual identity.

Social Media Management

We manage the brand's social media presence across various platforms, including WeChat, Weibo, RED, TikTok, and Instagram. Our services encompass developing tailored social media strategies, crafting content, scheduling and publishing posts, engaging with the audience, and monitoring social media performance. The aim is to build a strong online community, increase brand awareness, and foster customer engagement.

PR & Events Planning

We develop PR strategies and managing media relations to generate positive media coverage for the brand. This includes creating press releases, organizing press conferences, coordinating media interviews, and handling crisis communication. We also plan and execute events to create brand experiences and connect with the target audience.

Influencer Marketing

We identify relevant influencers, manage and monitor influencer partnerships to leverage their reach and credibility in promoting the brand with influencer mapping, strategy, guidelines, campaigns, as well as coordination and execution.

Co-branding Communication

We guide cross-over partnerships and facilitate communication and collaboration between the brand and its co-branding partners that would benefit both brand image and business conversion with co-branded communication materials creation, and campaigns and activations coordination.

Media Planning

We select the most suitable media platforms for the brand’s communication campaigns and plan the allocation of communication budgets across different media channels to maximize the brand's reach and impact. From strategy to execution, our target audience insight, channel strategy and performance tracking put ROI at the core of our creative solution.



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