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Chunyue | Celebrating local cultures through brand storytelling

Project Landscape

Chunyue is a packaged drinking water and flavored drinks brand under the Coca-Cola Company. According to the latest data, bottled water is the largest commercial beverage category by volume, estimated to pass the 300 billion mark by 2025. The market potential has attracted many existing and emerging brands such as Genki Forest to enter the competition. In today's fierce bottled water market, Chunyue is eager to clearly differentiate itself from its rivals.

How do we craft a brand experience that connects?

In response to Chunyue’s demand for brand differentiation, MADJOR and the Labbrand design team worked together to help Chunyue launch the "City Walk" creative communication campaign linked to 29 Chinese cities, refreshing Chunyue’s packaging design (nicknamed “走走瓶 The Walkie Bottle”) and activating an online exploration for the selected cities.

MADJOR team created localized narratives with city, people, and water in mind, and leveraged ethnocultural research to decode the qualities of 29 Chinese cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Haikou, identifying the distinct essence & elements of each city and integrating them into the Chunyue bottle packaging design.From "flavorsome" of Guangzhou to "welcoming" of Shanghai and from the authentic culture of Beijing's hutongs to the daily food of individual cities, we bring to life the vibe of 29 cities through an interactive H5 campaign, accessed by scanning the QR code on the packaging of Chunyue.The interactive campaign aims to encourage everyone to step out of their homes to rediscover their cities’ unique beauty, which even brings an engaging digital experience to bottled water consumers with low brand loyalty and ensures Chunyue's brand personality shines through in the marketplace.


The "City Walk" campaign has generated massive brand awareness through diverse touchpoints including digital ads, outdoor ads, and urban cycling activities, resulting in increased consumer engagement and a significant enhancement of Chunyue's overall brand experience.

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