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Adopt | Leading Adopt, an authentic French perfume brand to land in China

Project Landscape

Adopt is an authentic French perfume brand, established in Bordeaux in 1986. The brand offers high-quality perfumes produced with fine ingredients at an affordable price, making it a cost-effective option for consumers, especially young fragrance lovers. With the love from its customers, Adopt enjoys notable sales in its home market of France.

Today, Adopt embarked on its journey into the Chinese market through a presence on a prominent Chinese e-commerce platform. However, the localization of the brand is certainly a challenge when meeting the distinct consumption preferences of local consumers.

How do we craft a brand experience that connects?

To land the first step of Adopt’s Chinese localization, MADJOR brought into play our research expertise. Having dived into Adopt’s competitors and target consumers, we translated the preferences of Chinese fragrance enthusiasts and unearthed a unique brand localization strategy tailored specifically for Adopt. Furthermore, in our pursuit of key differentiators in the Chinese market, MADJOR conducted a comprehensive analysis of the fragrance industry in China, we assisted the brand by pinpointing potential trends and presenting brand concept hypotheses, all of which were rigorously validated through extensive consumer testing.

Additionally, as Brand Guardian, MADJOR played a pivotal role in shaping the brand's comprehensive communication strategy for the Chinese market. This involved crafting brand's story, refining visual aesthetics, establishing a suitable verbal style, and defining product shooting style. Our primary objective was to enhance the overall Adopt brand experience across various touchpoints, facilitating a seamless and engaging interaction with the Chinese audience.

For Adopt’s China e-commerce platform, we led the re-design of the product pages, along with product shootings and promotional videos. Moreover, we spearheaded the development of the brand's official website to enhance the brand experience for Chinese consumers in multiple dimensions.


In essence, our localization strategies acted as a vital bridge, enabling Adopt to authentically and meaningfully engage with Chinese consumers. Concurrently, we empower Adopt's brand ethos of cheerfulness, unrestrained authenticity, and self-expression, while enhancing and enriching the overall Adopt brand experience within the Chinese market. We ensure that emotional connections and cultural relevance are effectively conveyed across diverse touchpoints.

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