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Skoda | Propelling Skoda towards brand experience innovation

Project Landscape

Skoda, an automobile manufacturer under Volkswagen group, has been at the forefront of delivering exceptional vehicles. With a rich heritage rooted in precision engineering, Skoda has emerged as a prominent player in the global automotive industry.

As the automotive industry became increasingly fierce, Skoda's top management team recognized the need to adapt and prepare for the future in the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) to enhance brand's competitiveness. However, they faced the challenge of crossing functional borders and aligning various teams, such as marketing, retail, and customer relationship management, to map the brand's future effectively. They needed assistance in navigating this complex task and defining a clear brand experience strategy that would propel Skoda forward, and MADJOR was honored to lead the initiatives.

How do we craft a brand experience that connects?

To support Skoda, MADJOR offered a series of design thinking training on emerging technologies to align essential knowledge with internal project owners and swiftly generate preliminary ideas for integration into next year's plan. Additionally, we developed an online education platform to impart Skoda's brand experience to employees and assist them in delivering this experience in their daily work.

MADJOR explored the trends of 5 key themes, including automobile service in the IoT, big data, digitalized retail, new mobile service and business model innovation. With the design thinking training, we aimed to raise Skoda's awareness of the changing dynamics and emerging technologies in the automotive industry, and enable the integration of business insights into Skoda's future business plans.

These workshops served as a platform to match the key knowledge with internal project owners, ensuring that the right expertise and perspectives were involved in the discussions. MADJOR also shared the initial innovation thoughts on the five key themes for Skoda, considering the short-term, mid-term, and long-term strategies for Skoda (2 years, 5 years, and 10 years). The focus was to identify the most relevant brand experience strategy that would align with Skoda's brand position.

Meanwhile, we understood Skoda encountered difficulties in educating and enabling internal stakeholders across multiple locations to comprehend and effectively deliver Skoda's brand experience in their daily work, and a static brand brochure could not fully solve the problem. To address this, we developed a robust online brand education platform to ensure consistency in internal alignment on Skoda's brand experience.

We audited and identified the key needs and usage context of Skoda's stakeholders such as marketing teams, dealers, and social media content producers. An interactive platform was designed, allowing easy search, access, saving, and sharing of Skoda's brand information, including pictures and brand vocabulary. Technology development and training were provided to empower Skoda's stakeholders to manage the platform, including access authority, and update its contents.


These initiatives resulted in significant achievements for Skoda. The workshops facilitated an innovative brand experience strategy aligned with the IoT-driven future, propelling Skoda's competitiveness in the market. The digital platform ensured consistent brand education and information dissemination, empowering internal stakeholders to deliver a cohesive brand experience. Overall, MADJOR's brand experience uplift and innovation expertise helped Skoda establish a strong foundation for future growth.

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