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Sky Team





Sky Team | Flying high with user-centric UX optimization

Project Landscape

SkyTeam is the world’s second largest airline alliance, bringing together 19 members including Air France, KLM, China Eastern and Delta. It offers a unified, high-quality membership experience to its members symbolized by the SkyTeam site and mobile app.

To better answer the needs of high-end Chinese travelers, SkyTeam commissioned MADJOR to assess the current experience of its website and app and deliver recommendations for improvement.

How do we craft a brand experience that connects?

MADJOR started by breaking down SkyTeam’s target audience into different groups, defining for each critical use cases and experience goals such as looking for different flights, finding a lounge etc...

We then conducted usability testing in our UX lab, combining live observation, post-task debriefs and post-session analysis. Through live observation, we directly observed how different groups completed tasks for different use cases, nothing their challenges and gathering their feedback regarding content optimization, navigation or new features requirements.

By aggregating and analyzing usage data and overlaying it with qualitative feedback, we were able to identity patterns, trends and common pain points across different groups. This enabled us to issue a full set of recommendations for the upgrade of SkyTeam’s digital properties for the Chinese market.


By providing Sky Team with precise recommendations on UX design and new features on its website and app, we empowered Sky Team to make informed decisions and implement changes that would address the needs and expectations of Chinese high-end travelers. With the optimized web and app platforms, we helped Sky Team deliver a more relevant and engaging brand experience and drive higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty in China.

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