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Petit Bateau


Experience strategy & Management



Petit Bateau | Crafting a unique voice with relevance

Project Landscape

Petit Bateau is a French fashion house of quality clothing and underwear for children that dates back to 1893. The brand is known for its timeless french designs, comfortable materials and fine craftsmanship, making it the most beloved kidswear brand by generations of French families.

With a presence in more than 50 countries worldwide, this iconic French brand, therefore, faces various challenges – in particular in effectively conveying its brand message in a vibrant global landscape characterized by cultural intricacies and diversities. In this dynamic environment, Petit Bateau must find innovative ways to communicate its values, maintain brand loyalty, and capture the hearts of new generations across cultures.

How do we craft a brand experience that connects?

As Petit Bateau steps up its expansion in China, MADJOR is commissioned to advise Petit Bateau on a localized brand strategy in the China market, with the localization of its current brand platform and brand messaging, as well as a communication plan on various touchpoints.

MADJOR believes in the power of telling a unique story that builds genuine human connection. Based on a deep understanding of the China market, we set out to identify Petit Bateau’s distinctive selling points that resonate with Chinese consumers and amplify them via a localized brand story and key messages that can be applied to all social media and e-commerce platforms, aided by a series of creative marketing campaigns.

With the goal of increasing Petit Bateau’s local presence and establishing the brand as a top-class kidswear label in the Chinese market, MADJOR also dived into consumer insights and best practices, while conducting interviews with key stakeholders and an extensive competitor audit to back our action with solid data analysis.

Furthermore, MADJOR has executed a crafted series of creative themed campaigns for Petit Bateau. Through a seamless integration of various strategic methods, including concept development, event planning, targeted content communication across social media platforms, KOL (Key Opinion Leader) strategy, media placement approach, and PR strategy, MADJOR has adeptly connected with the brand's core consumer base. This multifaceted approach not only successfully achieved the brand's phased objectives but also progressively heightened brand visibility and fostered a highly favorable reputation.


By tailoring messaging, visuals, and campaigns to align with Chinese consumer sentiments, Petit Bateau was able to forge a stronger emotional bond with its target audience. This approach not only enhanced brand engagement but also cultivated a sense of familiarity and resonance, allowing Petit Bateau to establish itself as a cherished and relatable brand among Chinese consumers.

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