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Fairmont | Crafting effective communication strategy for Fairmont

Project Landscape

Fairmont, a luxury hospitality brand, aimed to enhance its social media performance to attract more outbound and inbound business from Chinese travelers and differentiate itself in a competitive market. MADJOR collaborated with Fairmont to provide comprehensive brand communication guidelines, aiming to enhance Fairmont's social media strategy and effectively engage with the Chinese traveler segment.

How do we craft a brand experience that connects?

To consolidate consumer awareness of Fairmont and concentrate efforts, we streamlined the social media presence of Fairmont, Raffles, and Swissotel—three distinct luxury hotel brands under the Accor hotel group, and consolidated their WeChat and Weibo accounts into a simplified social media ecosystem, focusing on group accounts.

We then created a revised content strategy at both the group level and the individual brand level, which effectively emphasized Fairmont's brand values and delivered a clear brand message for different target audiences.

Knowing how visuals play out as a vital factor in brand communication, we also built a new visual identity system to to better drive readership and conversion towards Fairmont‘s booking sites.


As a result of these efforts, Fairmont experienced a notable enhancement in its connection with the target audience, subsequently leading to a tangible uplift in its business performance.

Notably, the increased resonance of Fairmont's brands with the local Chinese audience translated into discernible improvements in key performance metrics. This was evident through a notable increase in conversions on various booking platforms, marking a successful outcome of the collaboration and confirming the effectiveness of the enhanced brand communication strategy on Fairmont's social media platforms.

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