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Sigma Alimentos


Experience strategy & Management



Sigma Alimentos | Innovation sprint for China

Project Landscape

Launching a new premium brand of Spanish Iberico ham, localized for China with a reimagined positioning and product concept to break category conventions and attract high-income Chinese consumers.

How do we craft a brand experience that connects?

MADJOR is committed to empowering Sigma with a comprehensive brand and product innovation strategy, covering consumer testing and product design, to help captivate the Chinese market. At the core of our innovative brand experience solutions lies a thorough understanding of the target consumer. We conduct extensive consumer research to help Sigma gain deep insights into consumers' usage patterns, attitudes, and tensions towards the Iberico ham category.

Based on the findings, MADJOR identified the key success factors and activation points required. We hence sorted out key communication touchpoints and crafted targeted content for brand-level communication, front-of-packaging communication, and extended product communication for Sigma, ensuring that the brand messaging is clear, consistent, and resonates with the potential audience in China.


Overall, MADJOR aims to provide Sigma with an innovative brand experience strategy that helps its new Iberico ham brand succeed in the competitive Chinese market.

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