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MyMro | Meet the new face of MyMro

Project Landscape

Following the completion of Grainger China management buyout and separation from Grainger, MyMRO, a one-stop shop for all industrial products, needed to offer comprehensive solutions to customers to a broader audience both at home and abroad, while building its new localized brand image among business partners including customers, suppliers, investors, etc.

MyMRO expected to walk out of Grainger's influence and establish its own impact in China within a short period. Facing this challenge, MyMRO consulted MADJOR, a brand experience agency, for brand migration guidance.

How do we craft a brand experience that connects?

In close cooperation with the C-suite stakeholders, MADJOR and the Labbrand team worked together to help MyMRO with the brand’s rejuvenation. Our comprehensive solutions extended from developing a new brand positioning to renewing the brand identity and visual system, and formulating a brand communication strategy.

We understood the significance of impactful brand identity in shaping consumers' perceptions. We customized a new Chinese brand name as "MyMRO 我的万物集 (My Everything Collection)", Chinese brand tagline "维万物 成万务 (Maintain everything, achieve anything)" and brand slogan "MyMRO是我的MRO智慧总管 (MyMRO is my Smart Steward)" for the brand. We aimed to show that MyMRO helps end-users complete tasks and achieve progress through its diverse product categories and unparalleled platform advantages in digital management.

With a clear understanding of how visual identity aids in effectively communicating and reinforcing a brand's essence to the target audience, we customized a compelling visual identity for MyMRO, including the logo, typography, and a color system guideline. Meanwhile, we handled brand assets management & application for MyMRO, including the brand's auxiliary graphic development, brand asset placement guideline, and application & exemplification.

To drive widespread awareness of MyMRO's new brand identity, we crafted a strong and holistic marketing plan for MyMRO to help guide the brand in making informed brand communication decisions and maintaining brand consistency. Our marketing planning for MyMRO encompassed public relationship strategy, social media strategy, and content grid as guidelines to empower MyMRO to connect with their desired audience across multi-channels.


Released in 2022, the new brand identity and expression landed successfully, providing a fresh look to the relaunch of MyMRO in the China market. Meanwhile, the brand communication strategies we crafted helped spearhead its brand rejuvenation journey, significantly enhancing MyMRO's brand recognition as an independent domestic brand in China.

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