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Four Seasons




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Four Seasons | Four Seasons’ brand experience uplift with a seamless booking journey

Project Landscape

Four Seasons is an international luxury hotel and resort company, currently operating more than 100 hotels and resorts worldwide. In an effort to expand its market share and cater to the discerning needs of Chinese travelers, Four Seasons made a strategic decision to develop a booking experience that would resonate with this specific audience. To ensure the success of this endeavor, Four Seasons partnered with MADJOR, a renowned brand experience agency with a proven track record in the luxury hospitality sector within the Chinese market.

How do we craft a brand experience that connects?

MADJOR delivered an innovative brand experience solution by leveraging UX/UI design to tackle a conventional business challenge. We first conducted an UX design testing of the existing Four Seasons site to identify critical issues and collect the most important user requirements.

Building upon the testing, MADJOR guided Four Seasons through a complete website redesign process. Beginning with initial ideation, we developed distinct UX and UI design directions for key pages including home page, product search pages, property page and booking flow pages in desktop, tablet and mobile formats, with a focus on elements most relevant to Chinese travelers. The updated UX & UI designs were then tested and refined during focus groups with high-end travelers before being rolled out.

Using a methodology that combined quantitative measurement and qualitative interpretation, MADJOR conducted an analysis of online conversations pertaining to luxury hospitality. The outcome yielded valuable insights into Four Seasons' market positioning and identified key trending topics, and prove instrumental in assisting Four Seasons in shaping its online content strategy.

In addition to the UX & UI design aspect, MADJOR closely collaborated with Four Seasons’ e-commerce and revenue management teams to overhaul the booking process itself, encompassing room selection, check-out, and payment procedures. This initiatives ensured that Four Seasons' brand experience aligned with local best practices and catered to the needs of its customers.


The collaboration between Four Seasons and MADJOR proved highly successful, leading to the development of an updated booking platform that yielded remarkable results. One of the key outcomes was a substantial increase in the conversion rate, indicating that the new platform effectively captured the attention and interest of Chinese travelers, ultimately translating into more bookings and reservations.

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