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Branding Method

What is Brand Experience Strategy?

1. Pain point

If a brand is a person, the way the person talks, dresses, acts and reacts should have the same characteristics no matter where the person appears. But often brands encounter a “multiple personality” problem that their tone and manner have drastic differences among different touch points. That results in an inconsistent brand image and defeats the purpose of brand communication- accumulating brand equity.

2. What are Communication Guidelines?

Communication Guidelines refer to a set of guidelines that define the manner that a brand communicates with its target audience on various touch points, often consisting of verbal and visual guidelines.

Communication Guidelines answer these 5 questions for my brand:

1)[Visual Guidelines for Look & Feel] How to show the brand image when appearing in visuals for different touch points? (ex. key visuals, banners, WeChat visuals etc.)

2)[Verbal Guidelines for Tone of Voice] How does the brand talk to the target audience via different channels?

3)[Dos & Don’ts] What are the things the brand definitely will and won’t do?

4)[Campaign Guidelines] What art and copy direction should the brand follow for a campaign?

5) [E-Commerce Guidelines] What format should the brand follow to create a main-page or product page for e-commerce?

3. How Communication Guidelines are different from VI guidelines?

VI guidelines are a core part of Brand Identity while Communication Guidelines serve more for the marketing application end often consist of both visual and verbal parts.

4. How can it help with your enterprise transformation and why is it important to your company?

Communication Guidelines help brands to communicate in a branded voice that

1) Accumulates brand equity
2) Optimizes marketing ROI and operational efficiency
3)Eventually accelerates enterprise transformatiosformation

Communication Guidelines help brands to communicate in a consistent manner throughout the journey from
1) Brand Transformation
2) Brand Amplification
3) Brand Implementation

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