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Jan, 2024

Welcome to MADJOR's New Website

Website Revamp | Welcome to MADJOR's New Website to Explore the Magical Universe of Brand Experience  

MADJOR’s New Official Website.  

As the digital gateway to all things MADJOR, the new website integrates more innovative and branded designs to enhance your online MADJOR experience, providing a clearer and more efficient platform for you to explore MADJOR. Whether you're navigating MADJOR's brand experience uplift cases or unique branding methods, seeking inspiration from the latest industry trends, eager to delve into MADJOR's corporate culture, or searching for the latest career opportunities, you'll find your answers here.

Let’s Connect with MADJOR’s website

At MADJOR, we integrate our capabilities in Experience Strategy & Management, in Brand Communication, in Digital, Spatial and UX Design; and in Innovation to offer one-stop brand experience consulting for brands in different industries. In the website upgrade, you’ll find we utilized a more dynamic visual language interpreting our 4 main expertise in brand experience.

Rooted in your brand's core, we always commit to building authentic connections with your target audience, tapping into their deepest emotions, and forging enduring relationships. MADJOR takes good care of every touchpoint and facet in your brand experience journey and continuously explores novel brand experience concepts and technologies to craft unique, avant-garde, and consistent experiences.  

MADJOR leverages the MADJOR-owned brand experience model to tailor innovative brand experience strategies for brands. We build a comprehensive brand experience world, creating distinctive brand memory points to amplify your brand's influence. Our goal isn't just to enhance your brand's reputation but also to foster deep connections with potential customers, ensuring that your brand resonates with a broader audience. Together with MADJOR, your brand stands out, connects, and leaves a lasting impression.

 Partnering with local and global brands like Coca-Cola and Deepal Auto, MADJOR is always seeking to push the boundaries of brand experience. Our past projects showcase a diverse range of innovative brand experiences, with endless possibilities for brands coming to life.

MADJOR is home to brand experience experts and communication talents from around the world, each with years of deep cultivation in the industry. Together, we challenge traditions and never adhere to the status quo. Explore MADJOR's team and our culture to discover a dynamic environment where innovation thrives and collaborative spirits soar.

Having come this far, you've probably got a broad overview of the different sections of MADJOR's new website. As a consultancy steeped in brand experience for years, we haven't let the importance of our company website as a MADJOR brand experience touchpoint slips through the cracks. With the website upgrade, we've blended diverse branded design elements and crafted a sleek user experience to make it easier for you to delve into MADJOR, and we hope each click brings us closer. Next, we look forward to enhancing communication with your brand and creating further opportunities for collaboration to light up brand experience moments with creativity and strategy.


MADJOR is a Shanghai-based BRAND EXPERIENCE agency under LABBRAND GROUP. We integrate our capabilities in Experience Strategy & Management, Brand Communication, Digital Spatial & UX Design, and Innovation to deliver a unique and consistent Brand Experience.  

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