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July, 2022

We celebrated our 2022 mid-year milestone in the Metaverse!

To celebrate the extraordinary achievements of the team in the first half of the year, Labbrand Group leveraged the innovative power of Metaverse to explore the interaction between the real and virtual world and tapped into a brand new universe.

Along the journey, Labbrand Group overcame the impact of COVID-19 and seamlessly adapted to the rapid growth of Gen Z. Now we have come SO far as to achieve synergy among our 5 offices around the globe through a"Dual Universe" which marks the coexistence of reality and virtuality and breaks the constraints of physical work space. It is through this maximized online-to-offline interaction we seek the value of synchronization, extension, and creativity.

Now, have you ever had this bold imagination: if you ever set foot in the Metaverse, would you be curious enough to explore the untapped mystery?

Have you ever fantasized what identity you would take in this parallel world?

Presenting the LAB3 Metaverse party - a virtual fiesta that not only feeds the curiosity of the young generation, but more importantly creates a chance for all Labbrandians to gather up no matter where they are.

Be whoever you want to be: A capable office lady? A female agent from The Matrix? The sports nerd? A Bohemian swordswomen?

Every Labbrandian had an absolute fun creating their unique avatars to demonstrate their personality in this virtual space.

With refreshments provided and guidance from the Metaverse ambassador, Labbrandians roam the virtual work space freely.

We celebrated the highlight moments in the first half of the year, and made ourselves educated in the inspiring case sharing Session. Will we offer a chance to experience this extraordinary synchronization between the reality and virtuality? Sure thing!

Labbrand will continue to optimize and expand the value of the Metaverse with more experiential activities coming up in the future. Leave your contact information to win your entry ticket to the virtual world.

We await your visit in the Metaverse.

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