Different brands have different needs that require specific approaches.
This is why we articulate our competencies into three programs for our clients.
Painting a picture of the brand’s digital future and setting an ambitious, long term roadmap for comprehensive digital brand transformation.

The potential of digital lies beyond individual platforms or action items. True digital success calls for a comprehensive vision for the brand’s digital future that cuts across all dimensions. Our Brand Transformation program lays out a comprehensive work process from insights to vision down to tactical action plan to fully achieve the potential of digital brand innovation. 


Ambitious brands looking to fundamentally re-invent themselves through digital and set the course for long-term digital powered growth.



If you seek to better understand the challenges and opportunities for digital brand transformation then Opportunity Spotting is the solution. We analyze your customers' digital behavior to spot potentially disruptive elements that can be leveraged for digital transformation. We then consider your existing customer experience, identifying the areas where digital transformation can have the most impact. We finally audit your brand's value proposition to point out elements that are at risk of being digitally disrupted along with those that can be digitally bolstered. The result: a comprehensive understanding of your digital environment to make informed decisions and rally your teams around the need for digital transformation.


Using an agile, collaborative process we work with you to set a general direction for your brand's digital transformation, thereby jump-starting the journey into your digital future. Through cross-disciplinary workshops we work with your teams to select the relevant digital transformation archetypes for your brand to pursue. We then define a target vision for each archetype and identify the key operational implications, setting a high-level roadmap for execution.


Certain brands are already clear on the direction they want to take for their digital transformation but need help defining and executing their vision. For these we zoom-in on an individual archetype to make it come to life.

  • PSD: digitize your current product and service experience
  • Venture scape: use digital to explore new markets and business models
  • Nex:us: co-own your brand with consumers through digital platforms
  • Mediate: drive brand and business performance through online content
  • Reflex: re-engineer traditional work processes around digital tools
  • Coordinate: use digital to re-think relationships between value chain partners
  • Culture fuse: use digital to create and sustain your brand culture internally


For those brands who want full end-to-end support all along their journey to digital transformation, MADJOR deploys a comprehensive workflow from insights to actions. We start by identifying opportunities for digital transformation, looking at customers' digital behavior, customer experience status quo along with your brand's value proposition. We then identify the right digital transformation archetypes for your brand, defining for each a compelling target vision and crafting a comprehensive investment roadmap for operational action. Following this we work with you to setup the capabilities to sustain digital transformation across people, governance, technology and data. We finally provide on-going support for execution of key action items and management of your digital investment portfolio, ensuring actions meet the vision.