Different brands have different needs that require specific approaches.
This is why we articulate our competencies into three programs for our clients.
Creating best-in-class basic digital assets and insights to lay the foundations for future innovation.

The road to digital brand innovation starts with strong foundations: excellent basic platforms, strong content assets and a comprehensive insights base. Through our “Fundamentals” program we help you get all of these elements right, allowing you to better engage with customers online and creating the conditions for future digital-led brand growth. 


Brands looking to bring their digital basics up to speed and take the first steps towards more ambitious digital actions.


    Like any other business decision, digital investment must be based on solid insights that point out where the opportunities lie for maximum ROI. Leveraging our in-house research resources and a unique methodology, MADJOR helps you get the full suite of insights to guide decision making:

    • Digital customer profiles: get an in-depth view of how your target audiences integrate digital platforms into their daily life and pursuit of personal goals to spot the best opportunities for engagement
    • Digital customer experience exploration: perform a deep dive into the current consumer experience for your industry, identify key moments for digital integration and uncover opportunities for digital innovation based on pain points
    • Digital decoder: leverage online conversations big data to spot and interpret cultural trends and industry codes
    • Platform audit: audit your existing digital platforms from a UX and technical point of view to point out key areas for improvement

    Whether it is an e-commerce site, a booking platform, a branded application or a corporate website; we help you match a forward-thinking UI/UX vision with a robust technical solution. The result: platforms that drive conversion and integrate seamlessly into your business processes and technical architecture.  


    Online content is key to driving both brand and business performance. MADJOR helps you formalize your approach to online content creation and distribution.

    • Content strategy: create a content strategy that articulates themes, creative expressions, distribution channels and audiences into a coherent system
    • Content assets library: translate your brand identity into a comprehensive set of content assets for digital usage that allows you to set your brand apart in the online space and promote a consistent image through digital touch points

    A key challenge for brands is ensuring that different internal teams have the necessary knowledge base to make informed decisions. With MADJOR University workshops, we pull our experts from different disciplines to educate your teams about the very latest digital trends and best practices that matter to you.