Different brands have different needs that require specific approaches.
This is why we articulate our competencies into three programs for our clients.
Developing digital brand touch points that deliver your brand value and make your brand come to life online.

Digital brand transformation must come to life through the right touch points. At MADJOR we use an approach based on creativity, usability and technical sustainability to translate strategic visions into tangible realities.


Brands looking to create best in class digital experiences

Platform Builder
Content Strategy and Guidelines

Platform Builder

Whether it is an e-commerce site, a loyalty application, a corporate website or any other digital brand platform, MADJOR provides an end-to-end approach to design and development 

  • Map the desired user experience based on a keen understanding of user needs, usage context and conversion scenarios 
  • Develop technical and functional specifications based on UX requirements 
  • Develop the UX and UI in an agile way with rapid prototyping and agile testing
  • Develop the platform using a flexible, secure and s table technical solution that integrates into your current platform to facilitate on-going management


Content Strategy and Guidelines

Whatever its tone, format or distribution channel; content is key to the digital brand experience. MADJOR helps you formalize an approach to content that guarantees consistency and impact

  • Define a coherent content strategy (themes, formats and distribution eco-system) that reflects brand objectives and audience needs 
  • Translate your brand identity into guidelines for content development (visual and verbal) that ensure consistency in the way your brand is represented 
  • Set the right tools and processes for on-going content creation, management and KPI measurement