Different brands have different needs that require specific approaches.
This is why we articulate our competencies into three programs for our clients.
Planning the digitization of your current brand experience and conceptualizing new digital products and services.

Digital brand transformation requires both a compelling destination and a clear roadmap to get there. At MADJOR we articulate consumer needs, brand goals and technological affordances to set the course for your digital brand transformation.


Brands looking to define a comprehensive vision for their digital future

Digital Brand Experience Design
New Digital Venture

Digital Brand Experience Design

With Digital Brand Experience Design, MADJOR helps you set a comprehensive vision for an end-to-end digital brand experience spanning from trigger to loyalty. Our process articulated insights, strategy, design and technology to

  • Frame customer needs and spot critical brand experience moments most ripe for digitization
  • Lay out priorities for digital investment for the medium and long term
  • Prototype new signature digital content and features that can deliver a superior experience and create a meaningful competitive advantage for your brand


New Digital Venture

The ultimate level of digital brand transformation lies in opening up additional profit centers through new digital products and services. MADJOR helps you assess and capture opportunities for new digital ventures

  • Explore opportunities for new products and services based on consumer needs, market dynamics and available brand assets
  • Create new venture development scenarios based on high-potential opportunity spaces 
  • Prototype the products and services that will carry your brand forward in new markets