Different brands have different needs that require specific approaches.
This is why we articulate our competencies into three programs for our clients.
Providing you with the right insights to spot opportunities and trigger action

Digital brand transformation must be based on strong insights and a common understanding of your digital environment.  At MADJOR we use our capabilities in research and organizational engagement to build the case for action and enable better digital decision making.


Brands looking to perfect their understanding of digital challenges and opportunities

User Experience Research
MADJOR University Workshops
Digital Customer Profiles

User Experience Research

MADJOR combines its in-house expertise in UX design and consumer insights to propose a comprehensive solution for user experience research to allow you to

  • Understand how customers leverage different platforms and devices to accomplish various online actions (Ex: booking a hotel room, comparing skin care products, taking and sharing a holiday picture…)
  • Spot frictions and obstacles to conversion on your existing digital platforms (Ex: e-commerce storefront, loyalty app…) 

MADJOR University Workshops

Sustainable digital brand transformation starts with internal alignment. With MADJOR University workshops, we bring in a cross disciplinary team to 

  • Educate your teams about items of digital knowledge that are most important for your brand 
  • Engage participants into a co-creative process to imagine your brand’s digital future and imagine your next digital brand actions
  • Generate cross-functional buy-in for key action items


Digital Customer Profiles

Digital brand transformation must be consumer driven. Working with Labbrand’s insights team MADJOR has developed Digital Customer Profiles, a unique research tools that allows you to

  • Know which attitudes and usages define your audiences’ digital behavior
  • Spot disruptive digital behaviors that present risks and opportunities for your brand
  • Segment your online audiences based on their digital lifestyle
  • Identify the most effective ways to engage with different customer groups digitally