Event Recap: MADJOR Hosts MADSquare Session
Last week, we hosted an interactive MADSquare session on the topic “How Can B2B Brands Leverage Digital to Optimize Their Client Engagement Strategy?" Click to read the full event recap.
2018.11.05 Renata Kuramshina - User Experience Designer
UX+ or Digital Brand Experience Design? Part 1: More than UX
In this two-part series, MADJOR breaks down the difference between basic UX and DBED and answers how a brand can elevate its product offering by taking digital experience to the next level.
2018.10.11 Kerwin Zheng - Digital Designer
Infinite Scrolling vs Pagination Navigation
How does UI/UX strategy impact brand expression? Recognizing how different design choices interact with each other not only leads to a successful UI/UX design, but can also translate to success for the brand as a whole.
2018.01.02 Francesco Granata - Brand Activation Manager
Crafting Your Brand UX
A well crafted UX design can be the turning point for driving business performance and fighting brand commoditization.
2017.12.19 Kevin Gentle - Director and Lead Strategist
Why Growth Hacking Is Key to Brand’s Digital Future
Growth hacking is critical not only to the success of individual digital initiatives but also to the broader digital transformation agenda.
2017.09.06 Daniel Legere - Senior Digital Strategy Consultant
The Experience Mindset: Digital Brand Challenges Beyond Channels
Correctly framing short-term digital challenges improves long-term gains.
2017.06.28 Daniel Legere - Digital Strategy Consultant
Product and Service Localization for Web Companies
How web companies should localize their product and their brand to succeed in the Chinese market.
2017.05.19 Kevin Gentle - Director and Lead Strategist
Digital Platforms: Threats and Opps for Brand Experience
How can brands leverage digital platforms for differentiated brand experiences?
Boost Your Customer Experience with Chatbots that Can Feel
MADJOR hosted an event on chatbots and the broader applications of AI on brand experiences.
2017.04.01 Kevin Chien, MADJOR Team; Chris Wallbridge, Labbrand Market Research Team
Comparing the Digital Lifestyles of Chinese and American Consumers
Chinese consumers outscore their American counterparts on nearly every metric of digital engagement.