2019.03.27 Daniel Legere, Associate Director of Digital Innovation
Bytedance Offers An Alternative For WeChat’s Post-90s Users
Duoshan, a new-upsurged app of Bytedance with the end goal being to offer post-90s's desirable alternative to WeChat. Let's have a dig in how the redeployment of platforms in adjacent markets can enable new sources of growth.
2019.03.27 Kyle Chang, Senior Digital Strategy Consultant
Hema and 7Fresh Inspire New Possibilities For Brand Experience
E-commerce is rapidly evolving and marching into the grocery sector. Let’s take a look at how Hema and 7Fresh are leading the market in the race to go digital and providing a superior user experience for consumers.
2019.03.01 MADJOR Team
Inside Shanghai 001: Nike’s First House of Innovation
Shortly after the opening of Nike's House of Innovation, the MADJOR team journeyed to Nanjing East Road to check out the sportswear giant's newest concept store. Read more to find out what Nike's Shanghai 001 has to offer and our major takeaways from the visit.
2019.02.22 MADJOR Team
Effective Integration of Digital in Retail Space: Does it Sell?
Recently, the MADJOR team visited M.A.C. Cosmetics' interactive retail experience centres in Shanghai. Read on to find out what they discovered and what these digital boutique experiments mean for the future of retail.
2019.01.31 Daniel Legere - Associate Director of Digital Innovation
Fundamentals of Platform Thinking for China
This article aims to settle on a general understanding of what a platform is, what distinguishes a platform from a digital product or service, and how the nature of competition can be understood in platform-based markets. We end with a lead-in to an important framework for understanding platform-based innovation.
2018.12.20 Kyle Chang - Senior Digital Strategy Consultant
Experiential Marketing: Experience Over Creative Concept
The rise of experiential marketing has forced marketers to change their approaches in creating digital campaigns. Many of these campaigns, however, fail because they fail to make the integration between the brands unique value proposition and the customer journey seamless. Find out what your brand can do to launch an effective experiential campaign.
2018.11.12 Renata Kuramshina - User Experience Designer
UX+ or Digital Brand Experience Design? Part 2: Digital Habits
In the second part of this series, MADJOR explains how digital habits are formed and the role they play in crafting a Digital Brand Experience Design (DBED).
Event Recap: MADJOR Hosts MADSquare Session
Last week, we hosted an interactive MADSquare session on the topic “How Can B2B Brands Leverage Digital to Optimize Their Client Engagement Strategy?" Click to read the full event recap.
2018.11.05 Renata Kuramshina - User Experience Designer
UX+ or Digital Brand Experience Design? Part 1: More than UX
In this two-part series, MADJOR breaks down the difference between basic UX and DBED and answers how a brand can elevate its product offering by taking digital experience to the next level.
2018.10.11 Kerwin Zheng - Digital Designer
Infinite Scrolling vs Pagination Navigation
How does UI/UX strategy impact brand expression? Recognizing how different design choices interact with each other not only leads to a successful UI/UX design, but can also translate to success for the brand as a whole.