MADJOR Establishes Digital Presence for Essentium in China

MADJOR Establishes Digital Presence for Essentium in China

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MADJOR partnered with Essentium to build a strong digital presence for Essentium’s Chinese market entry.

MADJOR, the digital brand experience agency under Labbrand Group, has teamed up with Essentium, an industry-leading company who provides industrial 3D printing solutions that are disrupting traditional manufacturing processes by bringing product strength and production speed together.

Essentium commissioned MADJOR to create strong localized messaging and establish Essentium’s digital marketing foundation for the Chinese market. With over a decade of experience in the digital field, MADJOR ensures a powerful brand-led digital experience with ongoing management of brand communication and digital assets, as well as product & service innovation to help clients achieve substantial impact in the market. MADJOR worked closely with Essentium to build a strong brand presence in the Chinese market—from the top line messaging & content strategy to visual deliverables, both online and offline. As a trusted partner, MADJOR helped Essentium hit significant milestones, such as the brand’s debut at TCT Asia, one of the world's leading design-to-manufacturing events focused on additive manufacturing, 3D printing, design, and engineering technology.

Labbrand, MADJOR’s parent company, helped to create the Chinese brand name for Essentium, which will be launched publicly in the near future.


Angela Xu, the Director at MADJOR comments “We are excited to be supporting the Essentium China team. From generating an excellent Chinese name to the debut at TCT Asia, we worked closely together as partners, establishing mutual trust throughout the process. It has been an inspirational and fulfilling journey. We look forward to more future collaboration.”

"The work from MADJOR helped strengthen the Essentium message," says Dennis Tang, General Manager at Essentium China. “The team’s work differentiated us from the other booths at TCT Asia. We did not see many booths with meaningful stories or messages there, but ours really stood out. The graphics created by MADJOR successfully helped us attract visitors to Essentium and know more about our brand and products.”


MADJOR is the digital brand experience agency under Labbrand Group. Its mission is to help clients deliver signature digital brand experiences that effectively build long-term brand differentiation. MADJOR evaluates the UX performance and builds optimized brand experiences that address pain points for the end customers.

MADJOR combines its capabilities to handle the ongoing management of the communication, digital assets, and product and service innovation for its clients.