Get Signature Brand Content Right

Get Signature Brand Content Right

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How to leverage your unique asset to create the Signature Brand Experience through content?

Are you planning to visit Berlin, Tokyo or Cape Town this summer but you didn't find yet the right content to fully experience your destination? Louis Vuitton City Guide can be a solid recommendation in your case. Beyond its faculty to be a noteworthy gift for any lifestyle enthusiast and an additional revenue stream, the French fashion house travel guide has also leveraged this unique asset to create its Signature Brand Experience through content. Louis Vuitton City Guide enabled the brand to create another touchpoint with its fans and further strengthen its luxury travel DNA through carefully curated travel experiences.

What do we mean by Signature Brand Experience?

At MADJOR, we infuse unique dimensions of our clients' brands to elaborate, design and build Signature Experiences for their customers. More specifically, we work with brands to build distinctive interactions, rooted in the customer journey, which are able to efficiently deliver the brand promise and stay consistent across time, attracting new consumers and creating expectations for people. Through Signature Experience, consumers are able to deeply connect with the brand's differentiation.

How can we define a Signature Brand Content?

A Signature Brand Content should be able to express and build the different components of your brand platform as:  


  • An embodiment of your brand vision


Your content should embody the impact your brand wants to have on the world and the belief your brand is implicitly promoting. For Women's Day, in its "Further than ever" China campaign Nike successfully expressed the two main components of its vision "inspiration and innovation for everyone" by highlighting Chinese women who are able to push the boundaries and inspire their community.


  • A demonstration of your brand benefit


The content created by your brand should transparently share the functional and emotional benefits your brand aims to provide to its customers. Airbnb just revealed this month a promotional video around the topic of "Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage". The commercial clearly introduces the different functional benefits young travelers were provided as local craftsmanship skills and local history knowledge and from an emotional perspective the ability to have meaningful social interactions during their journey.


  • A discovery of the brand imaginary world


At Madjor, we often meet brands that are struggling to share their brand universe. Considering experiential marketing like pop-up store is only a short-term targeted effort and that leveraging the power of flagship store is the privilege of few industry leaders as Starbucks or Nike, creating content to enable your audiences to explore your brand universe turns out as a cost-efficient investment. The Japanese retailer Uniqlo recently launched its first printed magazine with the objective to immerse readers in its "Lifewear" concept. Readers are able to discover in-depth stories about its creative inspirations and a carefully curated city guide indirectly presenting different looks.


  • A representation of the brand personality


Your content should represent the character that personifies your brand and depict its unique characteristics. The content created should also showcase the emotional resonance established between your brand and its customers. Air New Zealand famous offbeat safety videos are a good illustration of an excellent brand personification through content. Each of them is able to convey Kiwi laidback and welcoming attitude and set a friendly relationship between the airline and its passengers.

With the current oversaturation of promotional messages, it becomes critical for brands to pierce through the noise to positively connect and impact their audiences' purchase journey through Signature Brand Content. Moreover, each piece of content created should become the opportunity to build the different dimensions of your brand and increase its differentiation.

Stay tuned for discovering HOW at Madjor we create Signature Brand Content for our clients.