Event Recap: MADJOR Hosts MADSquare Session

Event Recap: MADJOR Hosts MADSquare Session

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On Nov 1, MADJOR hosted MADSquare session for more than 20 guests. Read on to find out what unfolded at the event.

Event Recap

On November 1st, MADJOR, Labbrand’s Digital Transformation Agency, hosted an interactive MADSquare session with the topic “How Can B2B Brands Leverage Digital to Optimize Their Client Engagement Strategy?”. Jelena Stefanovich from Labbrand, and Zach Mueller and Joyce Lin from MADJOR, introduced the concept of Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) as well as its implementation and real-life applications.

Digital innovations are changing the way B2B companies engage customers. How can brands navigate through the constantly evolving landscape? Jelena Stefanovich, Business Manager at Labbrand, gave a glance into the changing landscape for B2B companies and identified key factors that are transforming the traditional sales journey. Zach Mueller, Business Director at MADJOR, explored how the customer journey can be applied to create digital solutions around unmet customer needs. Joyce Lin, E-Commerce Manager at MADJOR, zoomed in on e-commerce and highlighted several best practices using MADJOR’s past works.

“A lot of feedback we are getting from B2B clients indicates that companies want to become more customer-centric and use digital as a focal point of their business strategy, but many are hesitant because they feel overwhelmed by the task. It was our goal to share how the customer journey can simplify these challenges and unlock opportunities for growth.” Zach Mueller expressed.


Headquartered in Shanghai, MADJOR uses a brand-led approach to elevate your digital thinking. MADJOR articulates insight, strategy, creative, and technology to organize and deliver comprehensive brand transformation. MADJOR changes the way brands work and the way people experience them. As part of the Labbrand Group, MADJOR draws from the strengths and the reach of Labbrand, the China-originated global brand consultancy.

Visit MADJOR’s website at www.madjor.com