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Competencies at play


Making China a testing ground for digital innovation for the world's oldest travel agency and materializing a new outlook on travel through a booking platform.

Strategy, Creative, Technology


In 2015 Thomas Cook entered the Chinese marketing through a strategic partnership with Fosun with a clear objective: make China a testing ground for digital innovation and a model for the rest of the company. As part of their market entry strategy, Thomas Cook and Madjor reimagined the experience of booking trips, being true to the pioneering and advisory attributes of the brand while stepping up their value proposition for China.


Throughout the entire project, MADJOR coordinated closely with a wide range of stakeholders including local teams and global IT managers to create and execute on an ambitious 3 year digital vision. Key items included the exploration of alternative travel search tools, the digitization of the trip experience and the development of a sophisticated O2O eco-system to replicate the personalized one-to-one experience of a physical travel agency.


Following an ambitious innovation roadmap and after a thorough understanding of Thomas Cook's audiences in China, we developed two UX approaches for their booking platform. After establishing signature features and distinct interfaces for each, we tested both directions with real consumers to understand their preferences. The selected direction focused on Thomas Cook as a personal travel advisor, leveraging users' expectations for customized and dynamic searches when it comes to holiday planning.


MADJOR immediately put the vision into action with the design and development of Thomas Cook China’s online booking platforms and the creation of innovative brand content for destination exploration.


As a result, we designed and developed a website that can support the brand's launch in China while providing a seamless experience based on discovery and personalization across all devices.