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Competencies at play


Using digital to power a Chinese brand's global expansion.

Consumer Electronics
Insights, Strategy, Organization


OPPLE set out to become the first global Chinese lighting brand and directly compete with A-brands such as Osram or Philips. From the get go OPPLE set out to use digital as a key differentiator in the market and sought MADJOR to set and execute on the brand’s digital vision. It also aimed to become the first Chinese brand in its industry with a truly world-class social media presence.


MADJOR started by conducting an extensive study of the customer journey and digital behavior of OPPLE’s various audiences (B2B buyers, distributors, installers, specifiers and end consumers). Results showed all audiences to be much more digitally engaged than what was previously assumed and uncovered many opportunities to re-think long-held assumptions in this traditional industry.


The MADJOR social media team started by creating social media personas for different audiences: distributors, buyers, specifiers and end customers. Based on each group’s content needs we defined a multi-tiered content strategy and established a an innovative social media eco-system with the objective of creating smooth social media based journeys to conversion for different audiences.


Based on these insights we created an ambitious vision for OPPLE to use digital to circumvent traditional value chain models and create different relationships between industry stakeholders. Beyond vision, we worked to embed digital at the heart of every OPPLE team across markets and business units, creating a clear organogram and governance structure to ensure that digital leadership could be sustained over the long run.


We then established OPPLE’s presence on all relevant networks: Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, Instagram and Linkedin, creating content and managing the community of fans on an on-going basis.