Consumer and technology trends are coming together to create new opportunities and new challenges for brands. MADJOR is your partner to thrive in this new, complex environment.


Cost Reductions
Internal Process Optimization
Productivity Enhancements
Early Stage Digitization of
Brand Touch Points
(Websites, Customer Service...)
Digital Projects Driven by IT


Increase Brand Reach
Adapt Traditional Marketing Approach
(Advertising, PR) to Digital
Social and Content
Online Media Buying
Digital Projects Driven by Marketing


Create New Brand Experiences
Re-invent Business Models
Create New Products and Services
Invent New Brand Processes
Digital Projects Driven by
C-level Management Cutting Across All
Traditional approaches to digital are
no longer sufficient.
THE IT LED APPROACH with its technology focus and disconnect from consumer experience cannot
deliver brand value.


THE SALES AND MARKETING LED APPROACH is too focused on creative pull and short-term results to drive a sustainable advantage.


OUR BRAND LED APPROACH combines the best of both worlds to elevate your digital thinking. It integrates brand orientation with consumer insight, strategic foresight with operational agility, and technology application with creative excellence. It engages the entire organization around a common vision for your brand’s future.


Our work is unapologetically insights driven. 

Whatever project we tackle, we always begin with deep questions about consumers’ digital behavior, about their existing experience, and about culture. Our in-house research capabilities get the right answers and uncover hidden opportunities for digital growth. These insights inform our technology choices and feed into our strategy and creative execution, allowing us to deliver digital actions that resonate with consumers.

We use digital to drive comprehensive transformation in brands.

We believe in looking beyond artificial silos. Our digital visions allow hitherto separated brand activities to become fluid and intermingle in a seamless continuum, thereby unlocking new efficiencies. We are your one stop approach to coordinating digital actions all around a single vision.

We draw a clear path from insights to ideas to actions.

We also work with brands to create the necessary capabilities in terms of skills, knowledge, people and processes to embed digital leadership into the very core of your organization, thereby creating the conditions for sustainable success.